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Working on a vessel

Our crew members think safety and take action

Clipper Fleet Management employs around 1200 highly skilled seafarers, sailing the 30 vessels that we have in in-house technical management. These are primarily dry bulk carriers but also multipurpose vessels. We value our crew members highly and prioritize their development and well-being. The retention rate among our seafarers is high.

Focus on development, communication and safety
We support the personal and professional development of our crew through feedback as well as shore-based and onboard training. Frequent communication between land and sea is essential to our success, and we encourage a work environment which facilitates knowledge sharing and communication. We provide daily news feeds from the crew members’ national sphere and are in progress of installing crew internet on board our vessels.

We continuously train and advice our crew through safety campaigns and seminars and wish to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for the well-being of his or her colleagues. Crew members have the right to be organized, which is arranged under our collective bargaining agreement and paid for by Clipper.

In sum, we offer:

  • Shore-based training program based on ship-type
  • Detailed onboard training program 
  • Thorough performance monitoring, feedback and development of our senior officers, through our new Personal Performance Feedback System
  • Primary recruitment of officers through our own cadet program (100 cadets associate) 
  • Focus on competencies, e.g. management skills and personal skills 
  • Focus on the safety of our crew
  • Frequent communication with land-based organization
  • Daily new feeds and crew internet
  • The right to be organized
  • A great industry reputation

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What does it take to become a crew member?
As a crew member on board a Clipper vessel, you must be appropriately trained for your rank prior to joining us. You must show a great sense of collaboration, curiosity and personal leadership regardless of rank. And you must have the ability to can communicate in a global working environment and have good skills in English.

To apply for a job at sea please follow this link.

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