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Theoretical training

As a shipping trainee at Clipper, you will attend external theoretical studies at the Danish Shipping Academy and have the opportunity to take HD1 at Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

Danish Shipping Academy
You will participate in the Commercial Shipping Program delivered by the Danish Shipping Academy (Danish Shipping). The training is conducted at three live-in courses as well as a number of webinars between the courses. The training covers:

  • Ship Knowledge
  • Maritime Economics
  • Maritime Law
  • Cultural awareness
  • Negotiation 
  • Communication

For your final exams, you must prepare a 50 page thesis (in groups) on a topic related to Maritime Economics or Maritime Law, and present the thesis at an oral exam, where your thesis supervisor and an external examiner will be present.

Copenhagen Business School (non-compulsory)
During the trainee program, you may choose to enroll in the Graduate Diploma Program in Business Administration (HD 1. del) at CBS. This program gives a general introduction to central business-related and financial topics.

Graduates from the 2014-16 Commercial Shipping Program.


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