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Crew testimonials

What is it like working on a Clipper vessel?

Clipper employes about 1200 seafarers mainly on dry bulk carriers, but also on multipurpose vessels. Read below what some of them say about their job at Clipper.


Captain Mikhail Tryasunov
Master, Clipper Marlene, a 17,500 dwt multipurpose carrier

I started working for Clipper Fleet Management in 2001 as third officer. I am satisfied working for Clipper and do not see any reason to change company. I would recommend Clipper to others because of:

  • Medical insurance for top four officers and their families
  • All expenses related to certifications and examinations are covered
  • A bonus system

  • Payment for cargo related work 

  • We participate in yearly Officers’ Seminars in Copenhagen
  • Clipper is a reliable company that cares for its employees 


Andriy Zhygalin
4th Engineer, Clipper Kythira, a 63,000 dwt dry bulk carrier

Clipper is a stable and promising company with high quality specialists. Most of the staff are clever and civilized people. I would recommend Clipper to others because salary is paid in proper time and there is good progress in career for young people and specialists.


Alexey Tarler
Bosun, Clipper Kythira

I have worked in the company since 2008 and have had time to appreciate all pluses and minuses of the work:

  • High level of safety (‘Safety First’)
  • Updating of fleet and purchase of new vessels

  • Selection of qualified experts

  • Guaranteed payments of wages

  • Contract duration of 5 months, but no more


Mikhail Koziukov
AB, Clipper Kythira

This is a stable company with updated ships, competitive salary and competent crew. I would like to continue my career here as the company gives me a good chance to grow professionally. I am looking forward to getting crew internet on board!


Oleksandr Shevchenko
Cook, Clipper Kythira

I like to work at Clipper as this is stably developing company. Contracts are not too long, salary is not so bad, and we have good living conditions. The supplies on the ship are good.

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