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Take Five


Take Five is specifically targeted at the individual. Practicing Take Five is a fast and simple process that increases adherence to the safety requirements in the daily work onboard a vessel.

1. STOP & THINK: STOP, STEP BACK AND OBSERVE: Do not proceed with the task before the entire area has been evaluated

2. WALK THROUGH THE TASK: Consider and discuss the task from start to finish

3. IDENTIFY THE HAZARDS: Identify all hazards such as fire hazard, slipping, tripping, falling, poisoning and moving objects

4. CONTROL & COMMUNICATE: Make the work area safe by introducing controls for all hazards, i.e. removal of flammable material, isolating electrical installations, using correct Personal Protection Equipment etc. Then inform all involved about applicable safety precautions

5. SAFELY COMPLETE THE TASK: Conduct and complete the actual task in a safe manner

By following Take Five there is a very high possibility of identifying any potential hazards, and thereby reducing the risk of these hazards leading to an incident.

The Take Five practice has been implemented on all vessels in Clipper’s technical management. In addition to regular onboard briefings, a number of supporting material such as posters and pocket booklets help the Crew to remember Take Five, every time.

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