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Meet Steen

Steen Hansen, Senior Chartering Manager

I work with our steel and parceling businesses, so a large part of my job is coordinating the steel shipments we have from Europe to the US Golf and Mexico and make sure we have the vessels ready at the right time. We ship very valuable steel commodities, mostly for the automotive industry where our clients run on a just-in-time principle. That means they only ship the cargo last minute, right when it is needed in the factory. It takes experience and commitment to cater to those needs, which we at Clipper have because we’ve been in the steel business for 25 years.

We ship around 100.000 tons of steel per month, so to be able to do my job I need to constantly know what the market is like for the routes we serve and what is the availability of ships. The latter also comes with experience. We recently had a pipe shipment booked from the UK to Houston for which we had to find a new ship with only a couple hours’ notice. We were able to react to that and find a suitable ship to our client’s satisfaction.

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