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Meet Thomas

Thomas Visti Feyzi-Pedersen, Operations Manager

Being an operator means always expecting the unexpected. On a daily basis I’m in charge of appointing agents, giving instructions to the Captain, talking to the vessel owners and other similar tasks. But in Operations, you never know when things might change from everything going smoothly to having to handle several issues at once. I find that being proactive really pays off – sometimes you can anticipate potential issues arising and take certain measures to prevent that from happening.

Collaboration is also an essential part of my job, as I’m constantly in touch with so many different parties. I often talk with my colleagues from Chartering about the vessels they’re working on fixing because then I can already start planning for it and that makes it easier to move forward once the vessel’s been fixed. Similarly, I also frequently consult with my fellow operators on how to optimize voyages and we assist each other as much as possible.

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