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Meet Mogens

Mogens Boesgaard Kragh, General Manager Bulk Operations

As part of my job, I coordinate a vessel’s employment once it has been fixed by the Chartering department. A good operator can ensure cost efficiency and prevent wrong decisions. To ensure smooth operations, we keep in constant contact with our Chartering department, even before the vessel is fixed. Together we can discuss potential issues and agree on important contractual clauses. This enables Clipper to deliver cost-efficient solutions to clients. We also maintain frequent contact with our Bunker Department, in regards to refueling ships. This ensures that the vessel´s operation and performance is two steps ahead.

A flat organizational structure empowers us to take action and make fast decisions. For instance, we had a ship cleaned in just two days by coordinating the task with Clipper´s office in Copenhagen and our contacts in Australia, going from dirty to clean cargo, thus saving time in between employments. While making these fast decisions, I rely on collecting information promptly from many sources, not only from the news and reports, but also through keeping a good dialogue with the ship’s Master to ensure we take the right decision.  

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