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Meet Tina

Tina Wu, General Manager Parcel Chartering Asia

I work with our parceling services from the Far East back to the Atlantic, USG and the Caribbean Sea area; more specifically, I am responsible for planning and preparing the back-haul voyages either for the vessels in our pools or using market tonnage. That means I need to keep informed on what the market is like, what are our targets and which vessels need to be ballasted for the back-hauls to the Atlantic. To do so, collaboration is key; I keep in touch with the charterers about market levels and consult with my colleagues from the other hubs on which cargo is about to be shipped so I can help prepare the voyages.

Team work is an essential part of my job. I plan the voyages and do the necessary calculations first, and then we discuss internally and decide how many and what voyages we will book. It’s a great advantage that Clipper has a flat structure; it means I have the authority to take certain decisions that allow me to be more efficient at my job. For example, sometimes our clients change some their cargo and suddenly it can no longer be loaded on board. I have to be able to come up with solutions in such situations, whether that is finding a substitute cargo or switching from a bigger to a smaller vessel. It is empowering to be able to take charge of your tasks and to know that you are trusted to do so.

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