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Meet Douglas

Douglas Luiz da Silva, Operations Manager

I like to consider myself an Operator with a commercial mindset. When carrying out operations, I always keep the clients in mind and strive to meet their needs. This mentality gives me the flexibility to prioritize clients and their cargoes, work alongside them and involve them in the process. This is important to me, especially after having relocated from Sao Paolo to Houston. I maintain the same close relations and levels of trust with the clients from South America and strive towards building similar relations with clients in North America. 

In my daily work, I collaborate closely with the rest of the Bulk Team worldwide to find the most efficient solutions in regards to cleanings, inspections, bunkers and other operational concerns. Moreover, I regularly communicate with my Chartering colleagues to find new opportunities for employment of a new voyage.  I make every effort to provide them with accurate prospects concerning the vessels. Being an operator requires being attentive and open to possibilities. Things happen fast, so having decision-making authority is a great advantage that adds value to both the business and the client.

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