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Meet Matthew

Matthew Laurence Head, Operations Manager

One of the things I like most about working at Clipper is that we truly value our relationships with our clients and business partners, which shows – we have quite a few long-standing partnerships. This is essential for my job as an operator, as I’m always in touch with many different actors. For example, I’m constantly communicating with the Masters, making sure they are given all needed information to plan the voyages and sail from port to port in a timely manner, as well as ensuring they’re updated with the latest information on the cargo they’re loading.

Part of my work is also about optimizing voyages. Often, I will suggest new routes that can shorten the time at sea or I’ll look at the cargo that’s on the vessel and see if there is a possibility of increasing it, thus making the voyage more valuable for both the business and the client. Being an operator is a 24/7 job, so I need to be self-sufficient. But for those times when I need a second opinion, having my colleagues from chartering, steel services and other fellow operators next to me in the office, being able to share knowledge with each other – really makes all the difference.

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