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Inland transportation

Service beyond the port: truck, rail or barge

In addition to ocean transport, we arrange inland transportation for around 5,000-7,000 mt of steel per year with truck, rail or barge - getting the cargo all the way to its final destination.

As an example a few years back, CSS performed a rather special task when it received an order to transport 57 steel plates from Mobile, Alabama to Natchez, Mississippi – a 390 km trip. The cargo, weighing 131 metric tons was to be transported by seven trucks. As the steel plates had a width of 4.2 m, the transportation required road permits, which CSS quickly facilitated. Initially, the receiving facility estimated to be able to unload only two trucks a day, in the end CSS managed to secure four trucks on the first day followed by three the day after.

According to the Operations Manager at the time, the transportation went according to plan. “Overall, the whole intermodal process was another success. From Texas, and then further to Mississippi, cargo was handled with care. Regular updates were provided throughout the entire duration of the voyage. This allows our customers to track their cargo aboard the ship, throughout the discharging process or on a truck enroute to the receiving facility. Excellent coordination during the course of the voyage between all parties involved allowed for prompt delivery at destination in pristine condition” he stated. When asked if there is a maximum radius wherein the inland transportation can be arranged, we were answered: “If the customer has a need, no matter how difficult or distant, we will always do our best to accommodate the request and offer a total solution”.

Please contact for more information about CSS' inland transportation solutions.

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