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Long-term fleet maintenance


Our technical department manages the long-term fleet maintenance, procedures such as dry-docking and retro fitting, in close co-operation with the performance management team.

An example of performance-driven fleet management was the dry docking of Clipper Target. Our vessel performance monitoring system was showing an increased fuel consumption for the 30,587 dwt bulk carrier. After a performance analysis and an in-water survey, it was decided to send the vessel for an early dry-dock. Read more here.

An example of a retro fitting initiative was the bulbous bow (bulb) modifications made on a 9,100 dwt multipurpose carrier. Designing the perfect bulb is delicate and the efficiency depends on the speed and loading/draught of the vessel. The bulb of the G-type vessel was modified during dry-dock, resulting in an overall saving of around 8.5%. Read the story here.


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