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Dry-dock as part of performance-driven care

Clipper Fleet Management’s technical department manages the long-term maintenance of our fleet, procedures such as dry-docking and retro fitting, in close co-operation with the performance management team.

Clipper Target was recently dry docked at Besiktas Shipyard in Turkey. As per survey schedule, she was only due for docking in July 2016. However, the performance monitoring showed that the vessel was over-consuming fuel oil. Performance reports were analyzed and an in-water survey with video recordings of the hull conducted. The results showed that especially the flat bottom of the hull was heavily fouled including barnacles. As the vessel was in a suitable position, an early dry-dock for cleaning the hull and renewing the anti-fouling system was arranged.

The crew onboard Clipper Target assisted with the maintenance in the best possible way. The hatch covers were cleaned from rust and painted – a procedure not recommended during voyage due to the risk of contamination of cargo. All tank vent heads were overhauled and painted internally, and the ballast tanks closed to keep the grit and dust from getting into the tanks. In order to ensure cooling for auxiliary engines during dry dock, a temporary cooling system was fabricated. This allowed the vessel to have enough power to operate its own cranes for testing and repairs.

No more than 16 days after the arrival at the shipyard, Clipper Target completed 2. Special Survey and the cargo cranes load test, enabling her to trade until 2019 when the next special survey is due. The vessel proceeded immediately towards Yuzhny, Ukraine, for loading her next cargo.

Compared to the fuel consumption before dry-dock, Clipper Target is expected to save up to 15-20% in fuel going forward. This saving is a combination of the freshly cleaned and treated hull, and the newly developed anti-fouling paint with silicone. The actual fuel consumption will be closely monitored by our vessel performance system.

We wish to thank all involved for the great cooperation during the dry-dock.

BUILT: 2006
DWAT: 30,587
DRAFT: 9.816
LOA: 178.76
FEATURES: Grabs fitted
FLAG: Bahamas
BEAM: 28
GRAIN CUBIC: 1,447,032 cubic feet
CRANES: 4 x 30.5 mt cranes
SPEED/CONS: Abt 14 Kn on abt 24.5 mts IFO NDAS

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