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Safety has generally become a growing topic in shipping and at Clipper, which is why our focus on onboard safety has intensified. We know that we have to approach safety with constructive advice and a logical tone - rather than a lifted finger or a raised voice. We believe that establishing a Just Culture is much more effective than having a Blame Culture.

A Just Culture refers to a work environment which facilitates knowledge sharing and communication. It is a culture where people are not only encouraged but also expected to share information that can could benefit others. Moreover, it is an unambiguous culture where there is no doubt of what is considered acceptable or unacceptable behavior. Having a Just Culture enhances the effectiveness of an organization by defining job performance expectations, establishing clear guidelines for the consequences of deviance from procedures, and promotes the continuous review of policies and procedures. Increased event reporting allows us to recognize current trends, as well as proactively identifying future work environment hazards. A lack of reported events is not indicative of a safe operation. An increase in reported events is not indicative of a decrease in safety. Event reporting illuminates potential safety concerns, and any increase in such reporting should be seen as a healthy safety indicator.

When it comes to implementing a Just Culture it is important that we ‘walk the walk’ rather than ‘talk the talk’. We continuously train and advice our crew through safety campaigns and constructive seminars such as the Junior Officers’ conference. In general, we wish to create a culture where everyone takes responsibility for the well-being of his/her colleagues. We wish to instill in our crew the ability to give as well as receive constructive criticism in order to increase safety, which lies at the core of a Just Culture. It is important that we remind ourselves that safety is not just about ourselves, it is about the colleague next to us.

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