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What started as another day at the Mumbai office for Clipper’s Vessel IT team, ended up almost as a life changer for the next 3-4 months. Clipper was to take over seven Trader Class bulk vessels within a very short time span. For the Vessel IT team this meant setting up the IT and Planned Maintenance Systems onboard in only a few months – a task normally taking around 9 months. That the complete IT systems would need to be set up while the vessels were trading posed an even greater challenge.

Enthusiastically the team started to look for solutions and to push boundaries. The task would require a lot of coordination with the Technical Department at Clipper Fleet Management, every step of the way. Both teams would have to put in their expertise and dedication. The tasks were divided into four sections:

  • Procurement and hardware
  • Software
  • Satellite communication systems
  • PMS database

During the first month, Clipper was to take over no less than three of the seven vessels. It actually seemed possible to achieve the targets within the defined time line – until the Vessel IT could not get to one of the ships due to various reasons. They had to come up with a way to implement remote configurations. Technical expertise, domain knowledge and quick thinking helped the team to come up with a solution and ensuring that the communication channels stayed open.

It was important that all the vessels remained in business without any off-hire days. A few of the established Vessel IT procedures had to be adjusted in order to secure timely implementation. By the time all the seven Traders were up and running the team had identified any possible weak areas. Training modules were created to help the crew with timely completion of the overall assignment, within the budget. The fleet continued sailing smoothly with daily operations supervised remotely.

The Vessel IT team had shown its true character within larger vessel operations and played a very important part in helping Clipper complete the takeover. Tight coordination with the Technical Department, Crewing, SQE, and the seafarers onboard the vessels made it possible to cross all obstacles and make this project a success. Clipper wishes to thank all involved!

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